Get the Car You Can Afford at Premier Kia in Lufkin, TX

You like the pride that comes with owning a car. Are you looking for a new vehicle that fits in your budget? When planning to buy a car, it is necessary that you do your math or else you may end up overspending and going over your budgeted amount. Our staff members at the dealership can help you with the purchasing process and provide you with details on the total cost of ownership.

• Fuel. Consider the mileage of the car you want to buy and whether it uses regular or premium gasoline.

• Maintenance and repairs. Calculate the average cost of maintenance and repair for the vehicle you want to buy.

• Insurance. Consider the price of the type of insurance you want.

• Taxes. You are likely to incur other charges such as registration fees, license, state and local taxes.

You can contact our sales team at Premier Kia in Lufkin, TX, who will take you through the price range of the cars we sell.

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