Consider Fluid Service for Smooth Cruising This Winter

Transmission fluid is vital in your Kia car because it helps to cool and lubricate the vehicle’s internal transmission parts. Did you know that your transmission is essential in transmitting power from the engine to the wheels of the car? In the automatic vehicles, the transfer plays a vital role in shifting the car into different gears. The gears are changed depending on the speed of the car. Therefore, automatic vehicles have a transmission system that has an oil pan.

The oil pan has the transmission fluid and the filter. For the car to work efficiently, the system needs regular service. When the service lacks, the liquid will not provide the power or rather the force that is required to shift the gears. However, in a manual transmission system, the fluid is not directly involved in the changing of the speed. Even if the fluid is not directly involved in the gear changing, you must keep servicing your vehicle fluid for it to last longer without mechanical problems.

Have your transmission fluid checked and replaced as needed when you visit Premier Kia right here in Lufkin, TX.

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