Vehicle Towing Tips

Before towing in any vehicle, know the load limit of the vehicle performing the towing and do not exceed the weight or you may need to get your vehicle into a trusted car repair and maintenance facility sooner than later. Have the appropriate trailer hitch installed on your vehicle. In the event of pulling a trailer, make sure the trailer's brake and tail lights are in working order. Use towing mirrors when needed. When loading a cargo trailer, make sure that the weight is distributed evenly across the trailer bed. Before entering the roadway, practice turning and backing the load to gain experience.

Remember to take a jack and other tools in the event of an emergency. Once on the road, do not make sharp turns, forward or backward to prevent damage. If making a long distance journey, check the tires and tire pressure on both vehicles before starting. Play it safe and have your vehicle inspected at Premier Kia in Lufkin, TX before making long distance road trips.

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